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Where are we without the NHS?

From the initial outbreak to now, our #NHS has proven once again how important it is to this country. We have never felt so proud of our #nurses #doctors #keyworkers and all #frontlineworkers than we do now.

We do not want to discredit the hard work they have done since day one but for this outbreak to happen during our lifetime, our NHS stood proud with their middle finger held high and said "Do your best, as your best will not beat our elite"

There is a terrible sad side to this story and it is that we have lost thousands of close friends and family to this deadly virus and our hearts go out to all, but, there is one thing we know for sure and that is the UK will fight united to control and eventually kill this virus.

Sophie Cooper, a girl at a local school in south London, has written a heart-felt poem for NHS workers caring for patients with Coronavirus:

The world is changing every day,

To a place I once knew is not the same,

We have to stay home to keep us safe,

But doctors and nurses are working till late.

They are leaving their families with a hug and a kiss,

To save the world from the coronavirus.

These are the heroes, the heroes of the NHS,

They’re risking their lives with tears in their eyes,

They’re tired and hungry and praying and hoping that one day this will end.

With gloves on their hands and masks on their faces,

These NHS heroes are angels sent to save us.

We thank you for your love and care,

In this scary time we all share,

The whole world claps their hands,

To you with a big cheer.

Thank you!

(Clunas, 2020)

So, where are we without the NHS? To keep a long story short, we are nothing without the NHS. Since the 5th July 1948, for free of charge, all UK residents have been receiving excellent care from our NHS and that is how it should stay.

Every Thursday we stood in our gardens, on our front doorsteps, clapping our hands and smashing our pans in appreciation for your hard and dedicated work.

Thank you

Clunas, M., 2020. Girl Pens Heartfelt Poem For NHS Workers | Our News - Barts Health NHS Trust. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 28 July 2020].

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