Is a CCTV or Intruder alarm service necessary? Do I need an Annual maintenance check?

#Dirt, #Dust and #Grit

Can cause issues in several ways. Although there are very few moving parts on #cameras, the fan can suck in dirt, collect spider webs or dust from the air. This can build up and leads to overheating, that may lead to premature electronics failure. Moreover, when dirt sits on the #lens, it can have a major impact on the quality of the #images being recorded.

Focus, Position & recap

Due to living in a country where we can experience all 4 seasons in one day your cameras are subject to movement, high winds or even knocks, your cameras could

move from where it is supposed to be #monitoring and affect its #ability to #focus properly. Repositioning the cameras to your desired location of coverage, will provide a much further field of view. User instruction or recap on how to use your system from live view to playback is an essential part of the service as the new #firmware may have delivered new functions.

Maintenance - The process of keeping something in good condition. (MAINTENANCE | Definition of MAINTENANCE by Oxford Dictionary on also meaning of MAINTENANCE, 2021)

If your #CCTV #system stops working, you aren’t keeping your #property #safe. As with any technology, it needs to be #maintained to keep it working efficiently. You may have someone who maintains your IT and your phone system to spot any problems before they cause a dilemma. You #service your car and boiler regularly. Why wouldn’t you do the same with your CCTV, the one system in your property protecting the above-mentioned products.

The Police

If the worst does happen and you need to involve the #police because you have been a victim of #burglary, #vandalism or something has happened to you, your family, a neighbour, or staff, you need to be assured that your #CCTV has #recorded high-quality images that will help identify the individual or record the event.