DIY CCTV Vs Professional CCTV

Once you have made the decision you would like #CCTV, it’s your choice whether you get it #professionally #installed or do it yourself (#DIY) Doing it yourself can work out cheaper than getting a professional to do the work but in the long run it may cause problems.

DIY You’ve decided to go it alone, you have purchased the #kit and its down for next day delivery. Once you have received the kit in the post you realise you are going to have to read a 30-page booklet on introduction, #installation, and #configuration, let alone, checking #FAQs on the website.

You have completed the installation, but you are having a few issues #programming the #cameras and #DVR, now you need to call the #technical line of the manufacturer and could be on hold for hours or maybe listen to a pre recorded #helpline message.

If not correctly done, the system may not be recording properly and the whole process could take a long time.

Demonstration Once you have set your system up and its already to go, you now need to get your head around how it works and more importantly, is it working? Now you have done it yourself you will need to teach yourself. With a professional installation from JS Security Solutions, you will receive an in-depth #demonstration, easy #instructions, links to our video tutorials and more crucially, access to our support team.


With #experience, comes #professionalism, with professionalism comes high #workmanship.

It can be easily mistaken that a camera sits on a wall and a cable goes to a DVR somewhere is the #property, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When we conduct a site #survey, we must check the following.

· Camera locations and field of view

· Adhering to the ICO regs on privacy

· Supplying the correct signage

· Using graded cable

· Using the correct and legal equipment

· Cable management and networking

Please find below a comparison of a DIY installed CCTV system Vs a Professional installation



Do your checks

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