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Rural Security

Have you ever considered installing a CCTV or alarm system at a remote location but thought it would be impossible to do? Well, today you can.


Using wireless bridges, we can transfer video and audio data from as little as 500m all the way up to 10km without losing quality of image.

Once completed, the data is transferred to your recorder, where it is saved. This not only allows remote viewing but is less likely to be stolen as the video is being stored locally away from the remote location.

Intruder Alarms

With our intruder alarm systems, we use a different method of receiving signals. Once the panel is installed, we fit an IP module into the system, which allows the input of a CAT5/6 cable.

We will provide a 4G/5G router (signal-dependent) to the remote location and run a CAT5/6 cable to the main panel, which in turn provides the panel with internet access.

Once configured, both the router and panel will work in conjunction when an alarm is triggered and will notify you via the app.

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