Prices, charges and costs

How much does it cost for CCTV?

CCTV Supply, installation and commissioning can start from £600 plus depending on the size of the property, the number of cameras required, the days in labour and the camera specifications. 

Megapixels can make a huge and significant difference in what the customer is after regarding the quality of images and identification purposes when zooming in, this video can give you a good understanding.

​Surprisingly, camera colour and shape can modify the price due to its demand or extra casing. There are plenty of styles shown below.

·       Bullet CCTV cameras.

·       Dome CCTV cameras.

·       C-Mount CCTV cameras.

·       PTZ Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras.

·       Day/Night CCTV cameras.

·       Infrared/night vision CCTV cameras.

·       Network/IP CCTV cameras.

·       Wireless CCTV cameras.

·       24/7 colourvu cameras

​The Hard drive size is another big factor to take into consideration. Firstly, we provide a CCTV Surveillance hard drive and NOT a desktop hard drive, as desk top hard drives are not adequate to take the demand of CCTV storage. Secondly, we calculate the Hard drive size to suit the needs of the customer and days of recordings they require. For example, with a standard 4 X HD (2MP) Kit, we would provide a 1TB Surveillance hard drive knowing the customer would get a minimum of 25 days recording, if the customer wanted 4 X Ultra HD (8MP AKA 4K) Cameras and wanted 25 days plus of recordings, we would have to supply a minimum of a 4TB surveillance hard drive, again, changing the price.

All our kits come with the following and is included in the final price

  • Flush camera back boxes for cable management

  • Hard drive

  • Mouse

  • HDMI Lead

  • Extension lead

  • Network cable (for remote viewing)

  • Powerline passthroughs (if the DVR is not fitted near the router)

We use flush back boxes to give the final installation a little Va Va Voom. Instead of using a junction box that sits beside the camera, the flsuh backbox sits under the camera, hiding the cables and giving the look, as if, it is just a camera.











Callout, labour and maintenance charges

Yes, strangely enough, we do have to charge for callouts. We, as a company, do not run as a one man band, or are we weekend warriors (plumbers during the week and Security specialists by the weekend) We are solely a security company. 

Our callout charge is £85 and covers the following - from office to site callout, onsite fault finding and issue rectifying (9 in 10 callouts the issue is fixed) We will not leave site till we at least find the issue and provide the customer with a detailed report and a resolution and admin costs. Please note, all our CCTV systems come with a 24 month equipment warranty and our Intruder alarms come with a 12 month warranty, so, if we are called out and its an equipment issue (no obvious signs of damage) we will replace the device for free, furthermore, from the day of installation, we provide a 3 month fully covered plan, if anything goes wrong, we will come out free of charge.


CCTV - £85 up to 4 cameras, then £10 per camera after that.

What's included?

  • Camera lens and glass clean

  • Focus/refocus of cameras

  • Camera to DVR/NVR cable test

  • Image angle and coverage check

  • Camera firmware check and update

  • DVR/NVR fan clean

  • DVR/NVR firmware check and update

  • Hard drive check and update

  • Reformatting of hard drive

  • User demonstration recap


Intruder alarm - £95, this includes all batteries replaced yearly, with the siren battery changed every 3 years

What's included?

  • Time and date check and amend

  • Zone and description check

  • Communication test

  • Individual device tamper test

  • Individual device signal strength test

  • Individual device auto battery change

  • Main panel tamper test

  • Full system diagnostic test

  • Panel and siren battery test and change (every 3 years)

  • Intruder audible siren test

  • Customer satisfaction

All prices are subject to VAT